Browse Your Readwise Highlights Magically Connected by Topic

2 min readJan 17, 2023


Napkin makes you lead a more inspired life. It has never been easier to save good ideas, browse them connected by topic, and build on top of them.

Many Napkin Thinkers asked for a connection to Readwise — and here it is.

While you don’t need Readwise to use Napkin, seeing the highlights you took over the years connected in a meaningful way is delightful.

In Readwise, you can browse highlights with spaced repetition, which is made for memorization, or by source, which is a great reminder about a specific book or article.

Napkin lets you see the highlights connected by topic — across sources and time.

This is where the magic happens: Seeing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas leads to more good ideas.

Napkin automatically sees abstract topics in your highlights and shows relevant ideas next to each other.

A Personal network of ideas.

After entering the app, you can connect your Readwise account and pull the first highlights. They are tagged on the go and start to form constellations around topics.

Your network emerges in the first session.

Make inspiration a habit and regularly review new ideas and connections daily. Start with your inbox, curated playlists of ideas, or further Readwise imports.

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Look up a particular highlight with the fuzzy search. If you look for highlights around a specific topic, start a playlist of ideas.

Search for particular ideas.

Whenever an idea is helpful for one of your projects, drag and drop it accordingly, sort your thoughts, and copy them to any other app with a click.

Organize your ideas in projects.

Start today and create your network of ideas. You can test Napkin for 30 days for free. After that, it costs $10 per month or $100 per year.

Each subscriber supports our mission to lead curious minds into a more inspired life.