Napkin — A Better Way to Think

2 min readFeb 20, 2021

Every time we grab our phone, thousands of years of human thought are right at our fingertips. But does it make our daily actions any wiser? Do we feel more clarity? Unfortunately, our brains are ill-equipped to make sense of abundant information.

“In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.” Yuval Noah Harari

We have enough tools for storing information, but not much help with thinking it through. Napkin improves curious minds’ ability to connect the dots, and to stimulate their creativity and reasoning, so that they can make sense of the world with joy.

Make the Most of Your Stream of Thoughts

We see creators of knowledge connecting ideas from diverse fields; turning noise into insight and actually applying it in their jobs, their communities and their families. Our mission is to make these creators more confident and effective in building a coherent world.

We see the key in how we handle information, not in how much information we handle. The way we deal with information is far more important than the sheer throughput. Simple examples are reading a good book twice, going for a walk after reading an article or writing notes in your own words. Do these things slow you down? Not at all!

Napkin is a Tool for Thought

Napkin deliberately breaks with a couple of standards:

  1. Napkin doesn’t look or feel like work. Serendipity comes by design, not by accident.
  2. Napkin doesn’t need an ex-ante structure for your thoughts. The structure emerges led by your content, similar to your brain.
  3. Napkin values the connection between thoughts as much as the thoughts itself.
  4. Napkin is not a mere recipient, it is a communication partner you can have inspiring conversations with.
  5. Napkin allows to share “Trains of Thought” without the typical social media traps: Advertisement, slot machine trigger, ephemerality of ideas and dissent fuelling algorithms.

Napkin is currently in private beta. Subscribe to the waiting list to get early access and come and work with us.




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