The Beautiful Way to Become a Prolific Writer

Digital writing is as tough as rewarding. Especially coming up with original ideas every day can be draining. But it doesn’t have to be that way: Join the Napkin co-creation program, skip the wait list and never start writing with a blank page again.

3 min readJan 11, 2022

Stop waiting for inspiration

Inspiring ideas are key for joyful writing. When we feel inspired, everything gets easier. We have more self-confidence, stop procrastinating and actually find the time to write. We experience flow, our audience grows and the whole process feels like running downhill.

Screenshots of the Napkin Beta Version

“A system is needed to keep track of the ever-increasing pool of information, which allows one to combine different ideas in an intelligent way with the aim of generating new ideas.” — Sönke Ahrens, Taking Smart Notes

Inspiring ideas pop up when we bridge thoughts that previously haven’t been combined. One way to achieve this is going for long walks and waiting for inspiration to strike, but we like the feeling so much, that we want to have a system in place, that inspires us reliably.

We tried everything from pen and paper to note-taking apps to sophisticated tools for thought, but none of the systems turned out to be effective in the long run. Either the thoughts are siloed in folders and pages, which makes it hard to retrieve and remix them, or the tools require training and elaborated workflows, which we found hard to combine with a busy day-to-day schedule.

In the end, we barely looked at our old notes again — not to speak of the right note in the right moment — which made note-taking overall almost worthless.

Napkin is built for brains

Napkin is different. We build an organic system, a thinking companion that resurfaces relevant thoughts without the need for explicit search. The connections are made by association, just like our minds work.

When you capture an inspiring thought, connections to other thoughts are revealed instantly. The interface is based on natural motion patterns: Related thoughts attract each other, unrelated ones push each other away.

Thereby a universe of thought emerges, which is joyful and inspiring to browse (see Ness Labs Interview, July 2021). You can think of browsing your Napkin as steering a stream of thought.

Let’s add some more magic

Over the course of the next weeks, we are implementing natural language processing (NLP). Manual tagging of thoughts won’t be required anymore. Connections in your thought collection arise automatically and are updated with every new thought you add.

Join the beta version and shape Napkin with us

We invite writers to skip the wait list and start using Napkin right away — for free, forever. In the first ~10 weeks we ask for regular feedback on the development of Napkin. What works well, what doesn’t and what should we build next to make your idea generation easier. This will be two to three short Zoom calls and surveys.

  • Opt in for the co-creator program and skip the wait list
  • Collect inspiring thoughts while reading and listening
  • Browse your thought collection for five minutes a day
  • Report ideas for improvement
  • Playfully outline your next article in Napkin

Sign up here, opt-in for the co-creator program and start using Napkin.

We are looking forward to having you on board!


P.S.: All co-creators will not only skip the wait list and use the app for free, they will also be owners of a new medium for thought as soon as we launch. Humanity needs a space to connect thoughts and break information silos. This space should be owned by those using it. Sign up here