Your Mind is a Canvas

How Ideas Color Your Wellbeing

4 min readOct 26


Do you sometimes find yourself lost in the pages of a book, captivated by the words of a favorite author or the wisdom tucked within the lines? Those moments of insight and inspiration are the ones that color your mind and spark creativity. Ideas have a unique power — the power to shape your mental wellbeing.

But if I ask you to tell me the thing you learned from that article you read a week ago, the best quote from your last book, or the most precious idea you ever had last year — will you be able to answer it? Will you have a pile of notebooks ready or an application to open and scroll forever to look for it?

In a world where ideas are flowing freely, organizing them becomes a rat race, our ideas are often cast away in the digital sea. We read books that move our souls, articles that challenge our perspectives, and quotes that spark of enlightenment within us. But how many of these brilliant sparks evolve into lasting flames?

Building your well of Ideas

Ideas are the whispers of your inspiration and building blocks for positive change. Every time you crack open a non-fiction tome, you embark on a new journey leading to loads of wisdom. You engage with ideas that propel you into new dimensions, helping you to reflect on your ideas and expand your horizons.

Consider the many profound quotes, captivating insights, and life-altering lessons you’ve unearthed during your late-night reading sessions. How many of those words of wisdom have slipped through the cracks of memory, fading into a store of forgetfulness?

It’s a common lament: we stumble upon something extraordinary, but as the pages of life continue to turn, those treasures are buried beneath the sands of time.

Your Ideas → Your Life → Your Masterpieces

Here’s where the magic lies. Your mind is not just a passive reader; it’s a canvas. Each book you read, each article you come across, each quote that strikes straight into your heart — they all shape the person you’re going to be tomorrow.

Imagine you’re an artist who’s painted a beautiful landscape. The first time you view it, you’re in awe of your own work. But as days pass and your painting get’s lost in the chaos of everyday life, you forget its brilliance. It’s the same with ideas. You read something life-changing and it has an effect on you. Instead of living by it for the next 4 days, why not keep it close to your heart forever?

Ideas need to be revisited, cherished, and reflected upon, or they fade away.

Picture this: your most cherished quotes and highlights brought to you when you need to read them. Coming alive with elegant graphics, lyrical typography, and magically connected to related ideas. Your beloved book excerpts transformed into an exquisite collection of reflections.

Napkin, with a touch of magic, invites you to be the artistic director of your life — your ideas the color, and your mind the canvas for your limitless imagination.

The Blackhole of Ideas

Let’s see if you’re living in one.

  • Can you name 3 quotes from your favourite book?
  • Do you remember the best article you read last week?
  • What are the ideas that made you change your perspective recently?
  • Do you have a repository of your ideas that inspired your day-to-day life?

If you’re not able to answer at least 3 of those 4 questions — you’re probably just skimming through ideas and not collecting them. Here is where the difference lies:

  • When skimming through ideas, you go over them, store them in your mind thinking you’ll remember them forever, but alas you do not. You forget things easily and lose important ideas over time.
  • When you collect ideas, you store them carefully. You don’t just let knowledge flow, you make sure it is useful to you even after years.

Living in a blackhole of ideas gives you the false hope of accumulation knowledge but instead you’re just filling a leaky bucket

Your canvas, colored with your favorite ideas, isn’t just a reflection of your intellect; it’s a reflection of your wellbeing. The ideas you choose to engage with, the ones you revisit often, the ones that resonate with your values — they all become a part of the masterpiece that is your life.

So the next time you’re reading great stuff or find something helpful, don’t let if fall down the same lane as those long lost ideas, make sure to keep them with you

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